100% health from the soil to the table

Our farm has received its current shape as a result of a continuous development of nearly 35 years. We have added our creativity and innovation incorporating the experience and tradition of our parents. This is how we managed to create the Heart of the Countryside quality, which has a really high value and is said to be a real treasure in the field of health preservation.

Large farmland, advanced machinery

On our farm you can see well-maintained, well-cultivated farmland everywhere. It is a beautiful view but the real value is embodied in the crop. During production processes, we maximize the utilization of local natural resources. The family estate provides modern machines for the production, thus guaranteeing constant quality.

High standard, expanding product range

Our product range is constantly expanding as innovation always brings new ideas. In addition, the demands arising during our contacts with customers often result in product development.

Have a look at our products,
and start to consume the Heart of the Countryside pumpkin seed oil, your body will be grateful.